Coach Kings and Queen 2015

The Annual Review of the WBMC Coach Year

John Edwards

The figures for the 2015 Coach Meets reported below are different to any previous year because they are the summary of only 11 meets. The reason for this is that, for the first time in living memory, one of the coach meets (you guessed it......August!) had to be cancelled due to lack of bookings. In addition I lost the data for the very successful Mitch’s Meet in January at the Peckforton Hills due to a motherboard failure.

120 different people used the coach, a similar number to 2012 and the total number of seats filled was 406, not dissimilar to 2013. The fewest passengers were carried in July and the most in February, with the monthly average being 37. Approximately one third were female.

Hilary Jones kept coach secretary Nigel Tarr company on all 11 meets so she retains her title as “WBMC Coach Queen” and there was a 3-way tie for “Coach King”, with John Dale, David Doherty &smp; Mike Smith all missing just one meet.

Adrian Shaw &smp; Graeme Stanford both went on 9 meets while Pat Potter, Emily Smith, Paul Brindley, Andy Brown &smp; Phil Williams were passengers 8 times.

John Harris, Dave Hellyar, Geordie Hind, Bob Jackson, David Jones, Neil Parsons, Hugh Rothero, Phil Smith &smp; Colin Talbot were the 9 men who went on 7 coach meets.

The 8 who attended 6 coach meets were Simon Grove, David Hough, Ann Parrot, Liz Perks, Nick Piotrowski, Dee Sehdeva, Oliver Stephenson &smp; Mark Stevens.

It was Joanna Cheung, Christopher Dean, Tony Emms, Mel Evans, Bob Franklin, Claire Hammonds, Linda &smp; John Howells and Rob Thomas who managed to make 5 meets while half a dozen went on 4 coaches. They were Richard Cooksey, Phil Cox, Fred Hammonds, Peter Kane, Indhu Prabakar and Mel Sutton.

The “Three Coach 10” were Tony Cluxton, Noah Cox, Janet Dawes, John Edwards, Geraldine Evans, Wendy Morris, Angie Murdoch, Stu Shaw, Mark Smith and Andy Wright.

21 people went on a couple of coaches, namely Nick Akers, Teresa Chilles, Sanjay Choughan, Annie &smp; Mike Claridge, Matt Coleman-Hamilton, Iris &smp; Ray Cooksey, Mark Edwards, Sue Goddard, Geoff Hill, Jonathan Howells, Rachel Jelfs, Ian Merther, Magda Murray, Andy Nock, Pete Poultney, Ken Priest, Chris Scrivens, Pat Thorneycroft &smp; Hazel Webb.

And finally here are the 45 who went to the hills just once on a club coach during 2015 (although some might also have been on Mitch’s Meet): Vanessa Biddulph, Sharron Blake, Leon Brindley, Prem Choughan, St Jean Cooper, John Eadon, Pam Emms, Helen Fisher, Sue Fownes, Sue Goddard, Darren Groutage, Billy &smp; Katie Hammonds, Mandy Harrison, Amanda &smp; Denise Jarvis, Andy &smp; Jason Jones, Tom Keeling, James Lambert, John Lowe, Andrew Mitchell, Dave, Shelly &smp; Billy Nock, Maxwell Park-Davies, Neil Parsons, Goske Popiel, D (Preb) Prabakar, Jess &smp; Joe Priest, Paul Reid, Lee Rogers, Angus Scott, Sue Shrimpton, Tracey Skidmore, Karen Smith, Phil Stevens, Rachel Ward, Chan Webster, Alison Whitehead, Wayne Whitehouse, Phil Witcherley, Joe Wood &smp; Mark Wood.

The destinations of the individual meets in 2015 (&smp; the number of passengers on them) were as follows:

January Ogwen 32
February Patterdale 50
March Tarrens/Cader 31
April Horton/3 Peaks 45
May Seatoller 44
June Coniston 27
July Nantlle Ridge 19
August Howgills Cancelled
September Keswick 34
October Rhinogs 39
November Llanberis 41
December Edale 46

As always the committee hopes that everyone enjoyed their days out on the hills regardless of the weather and hope that most members will try and come on the coach at least once in 2016. If you know someone likes the countryside please tell them about our coaches and mention that they are open to general public as well as West Brom MC members.

This article was written by John Edwards and published on this website on the 1st March 2016