Free talk by World Renowned Mountaineer - 28th Jan

Mick Fowler, World Renowned Mountaineer, is giving a free talk at the local BMC Meeting on 28 January 2015. Check out his tick list - mighty impressive! Especially the 20 metre ice climb up a toilet outflow at St Pancreas Station!

Paul Brindley

Venue : Old Edwardians Sports Club, Streetsbrook Road, Solihull, B90 3PE.

We'll be joined by Mick Fowler who has kindly agreed to come and speak about his recent escapades...

Read about Mick and his tick list here -

The list includes....

Conventional rock climbs:

  • Linden (E6) in 1976 at Curbar Edge in Derbyshire (as one of the first E6 climbs in Britain this received extensive press coverage)
  • Stone (E5) in the Hebrides
  • Ludwig (E6) at Gogarth
  • Stairway to Heaven (E5) on Skye
  • Caveman (E6) in Devon

Sea cliffs:

  • Henna (450 ft, XS) and Bukator (600 ft, XS) on the North Devon/Cornwall coast
  • Monster Crack (500 ft, XS) (first free ascent of the chalk cliffs at Beachy Head)
  • Skeleton Ridge (HVS) on the Isle of Wight
  • Clo Mhor Crack (E3) (the only route on the biggest cliffs in mainland Britain, at Cape Wrath in Scotland)
  • BeriBeri (E4), on the Isle of Hoy
  • Big John (E4), on Hoy (the first one-day ascent of the biggest sea cliff in Britain)
  • Great White Fright (VI), Dover

Sea stacks:

  • Branaunmore (Ireland)
  • Lovers Leap Rock (Ireland)
  • Doonbristy (Ireland)
  • The Needle (Hoy)
  • Spindle (Shetland)
  • Clett Rock (Thurso)
  • Old Harry, The Tusk and Press Gang Pinnacle (Swanage)
  • The Knee (Duncansby Head)

Ice climbs:

  • The Fly Direct (VI) on Creag Meagaidh
  • Gully of the Gods (V) in Applecross
  • The Shield Direct (VI) on Ben Nevis (the first Scottish winter route to be given a guidebook rating of VI)
  • West Central Gully (VII) Torridon
  • Deep Gash Gully (VI) on Skye
  • Cascade (V) and Central Ice-fall Direct (VI on Craig Rhaeddr, North Wales)
  • A 65-foot (20 m) ice streak created by a leaking toilet outflow at St. Pancras station


  • 1982 Taulliraju (Peru), South Face, with Chris Watts
  • 1983 Killimanjaro, Western Gully, with Caradog Jones
  • 1986 West Face Direct of Ushba (Caucasus Mountains) with Victor Saunders
  • 1987 Golden Pillar of Spantik (Pakistan) with Victor Saunders
  • 1991 Hunza Peak and Bublimoting (Pakistan) with Caradog Jones
  • 1993 NW Face Cerro Kishtwar (India) with Steve Sustad
  • 1995 Taweche (Nepal), NE Pillar, with Pat Littlejohn
  • 1997 North Face of Changabang in the Garhwal Himalaya of Uttarakhand, India. First Ascent with Brendan Murphy and Andy Cave (summit); with Fowler and Steve Sustad climbing to the summit ridge. Murphy was hit by an avalanche and swept off the face
  • to his death on the descent.
  • 1999 Arwa Tower (India), NW Face, with Steve Sustad
  • 2000 Mount Kennedy (Yukon), N Buttress, with Andy Cave
  • 2002 Mount Siguniang (Sichuan), NW Face, with Paul Ramsden
  • 2005 Kajaqiao (Tibet), with Chris Watts
  • 2007 Manamcho (Tibet) with Paul Ramsden
  • 2010 Sulamar North Face (Xinjiang) with Paul Ramsden
  • 2011 Mugu Chuli West Face (West Nepal) with Dave Turnbull
  • 2012 Prow of Shiva (India) with Paul Ramsden
  • 2013 Kishtwar Kailash West Face (India) with Paul Ramsden
  • 2014 NW Face Hagshu (India) with Paul Ramsden


King Albert Mountain Award, 2012[2]


Former Alpine Club president and recently appointed BMC Patron, Mick will be joining us fresh from his venture to summit an unclimbed north face in the Indian Himalayas. A formidable climber and mountaineer with nearly 4 decades of experience, it

promises to be a memorable and fascinating talk.

Come and enjoy some free nibbles, a pint and some quality entertainment whilst keeping an eye on what the BMC is up to in our


It's also your opportunity to let your local BMC committee know what you'd like the BMC to do for you. The BMC is particularly

interested in ideas you may have about building links between clubs so feel free to come and chat on Wednesday evening.

Oh, and it is free to attend!

Paul Brindley

This article was written by Paul Brindley and published on this website on the 27th January 2015