WBMC Merchandise for sale!

Thanks to our steamed Vice-Chairman, John Edwards, members now have the chance to purchase a variety of club logo merchandise.

John Edwards

At last a local company, Acorn Printing, has come up with an easy method whereby members of clubs can buy personalised clothing & other items as and when they want them, rather than having to wait until someone from a club gets around to compiling a bulk order! Accordingly your committee agreed to pay a small fee to have a ‘jacquard’ set up, so that now any WBMC member can go online and purchase articles with the WBMC logo for themselves or a friend, selecting the size & colour required and paying just a standard amount plus postage. The site allows groups to take a small commission on each purchase, but your committee was unanimous in rejecting this method of fund-raising for the club so you are getting the lowest price we can achieve (unless you know differently).

The company personalises a range of good quality items including fleeces (made by Regatta), sweatshirts, polo shirts, T shirts, scarves, mugs, sports holdalls or barrel bags, beanies, hoodies and rugby shirts and the following colours should be available on the WBMC page: red, green, Royal blue, cyan/turquoise, yellow, pink, purple, orange, grey, black & white. The items available can be seen (and ordered) by visiting our special mini-website/webshop at TshirtUK.

At the moment this is still not 100% complete but it is ‘up-and-running’ and you can order items from it If there is another product that is shown on the company’s main website www.acorn-printing.co.uk but not on ours, it may well be possible to get that “logo’d” if you contact them at sales@acorn-printing.co.uk They are also able to add initials or name to right breast for (£2 extra) and other writing (such a team name or town) to the left sleeve (another £2) if you really want these features and are prepared to pay extra for them. So if you need some new non-technical gear, please go online and have a look. Every purchase will not only help you look great but will also help to publicize the WBMC.

This article was written by John Edwards and published on this website on the 10th January 2015