Meet Calendar

We run a busy meet calendar, the highlights of which include:

  • monthly coach meets to get mountaineers to destinations through the UK, such as Snowdonia and the Lake District
  • the annual Scottish winter week
  • an overseas meet aiming to tackle the highest mountain peak in a European country over a long weekend
  • weekends in reasonably priced accommodation, such as Bothys and hostels, that allow mountaineering and rock climbing
  • a wide variety of specialist weekends at our own hut such as family, skills, and women's weekends
  • monthly social evening walks in the week during the summer (for the dark winter nights, this is replaced with monthly slide shows by members and guests)

Use the tabs below to see past and upcoming events.


16th - 18th January : Scottish Weekend


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23rd - 25th January : Hostel Weekend

28th January : Free talk by World Renowned Mountaineer

Old Edwardians Sports Club, Streetsbrook Road, Sol

We'll be joined by Mick Fowler who has kindly agreed to come and speak about his recent escapades......

5th February : Indoor Evening Meet

8th February : Coach Meet to Patterdale


14th - 21st February : Scottish Week

Fort William

5th March : Indoor Evening Meet

7th March : Coach Meet to Cadar Idris & Tarrens

Cader Idris & Tarrens

8th - 15th March : European Winter Meet

19th March : AGM

Annual General Meeting

20th - 22nd March : Away Dinner

9th April : Indoor Evening Meet

11th April : Long Coach Meet

Yorkshire 3 Peaks

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12th - 17th April : Scottish Climbing Meet

1st - 4th May : Scottish Corbett Weekend

7th May : Outdoor Evening Meet

Clent hills

This month’s evening meet is a leisurely walk over Clent led by Pete Poultney and Ken Priest, las...

9th May : Coach Meet


9th May : Skills Weekend

15th - 17th May : Family Weekend

3rd June : BMC Midlands Area Meeting

The evening includes a discussion of local and national issues, a slideshow, a bar and food, so it s...

11th June : Outdoor Evening Meet

14th June : Coach Meet


Coach meet to Coniston

19th - 21st June : Challenge Weekend - 3 Peaks

25th June : Climbing Night

Portway Leisure Centre

26th - 28th June : Family Weekend

The Hut

3rd - 5th July : Gower Weekend


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9th July : Outdoor Evening Meet

The Maltshovel

Meet at The Maltshovel, Newton Road, Great Barr. B43 6HN at 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start for a walk in...

11th July : Long Coach Meet

Nantlle Ridge

6th August : Outdoor Evening Meet


Meet at Clay Street car park, Penkridge ST19 5AF at 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start of a walk around Penkr...

8th August : Oggie 8 Challenge

9th August : Coach Meet


14th - 16th August : Family Weekend

21st - 23rd August : Youth Hostel Weekend

27th August : Climbing Night

Portway lifestyle centre

10th September : Outdoor Evening Meet

10th September : Nepal Fundraise at the Pie Factory

pie factory tipton

Mel Evans is quite close to a family in Nepal. We were devastated to hear that the family's home wa...

12th September : Long Coach Meet


18th - 20th September : Womens' Weekend

Nant Gywnant

24th September : Climbing Night

Portway lifestyle centre

8th October : Indoor Evening Meet

10th October : Long Coach Meet


29th October : Climbing Night

Portway lifestyle centre

30th - 1st November : Bunkhouse Weekend


15th - 17th January : Scottish Weekend


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22nd - 24th January : Hostel Weekend

28th January : Climbing night

Portway lifestyle centre

4th February : Indoor evening meet

The Wheatsheaf

6th February : Coach meet


13th - 20th February : Scottish Week

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25th February : Climbing night

Portway lifestyle centre

29th - 6th March : European Winter Week

Zakopane, Poland

10th March : Indoor evening meet

The Wheatsheaf

13th March : Coach meet


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17th March : AGM

The Wheatsheaf

18th - 20th March : Away Dinner

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31st March : Climbing night

Portway lifestyle centre

7th April : Indoor evening meet

9th April : Coach meet


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15th - 17th April : Scottish Bunkhouse Weekend

28th April : Climbing night

Portway Lifestyle Centre

5th May : Outdoor Evening Meet

Wren's Nest Walk

8th May : Coach meet

Brecon Beacons

13th - 15th May : Family Weekend

The Hut

20th - 22nd May : Skills Weekend

The Hut

26th May : Climbing night

Portway Lifestyle Centre

1st - 11th June : Long Coach Meet

Yorkshire 3 Peaks

9th June : Outdoor Evening Meet

27th September : Climbing Night

Portway Lifestyle Centre

6th October : Indoor Evening Meet

9th October : Coach Meet


14th - 16th October : Hut Biking Weekend

4th - 6th November : Bunkhouse Weekend


10th November : Indoor Evening Meet

13th November : Coach Meet


18th - 20th November : Skills Weekend

The Hut

24th November : Climbing Night

Portway Lifestyle Centre

25th November : Social Evening


8th January : Mitch's Meet and Social

12th January : Indoor Evening Meet

15th January : Langdale Coach Meet

20th - 22nd January : Scottish Weekend

22nd - 24th January : Hostel Weekend

9th February : Indoor Evening Meet

12th February : Llanberis Coach Meet

18th - 25th February : Nev's Scottish Week

2nd - 4th June : hut exchange weekend

8th June : Outdoor event meeting

10th June : Coach meet

16th - 18th June : Challenge weekend

23rd - 25th June : Family weekend

26th June : Climbing night

6th July : Outdoor evening meet

7th - 9th July : Gower weekend

9th July : Coach meet

14th - 16th July : Family weekend

21st - 23rd July : Hut exchange weekend

31st July : Climbing night

4th - 6th August : Oggie 8

10th August : Outdoor evening meet

13th August : Coach meet

18th - 20th August : Hut working weekend

28th August : Climbing night

7th September : Outdoor evening meet

9th September : Long coach meet

15th - 17th September : Skills weekend

22nd - 24th September : YHA Weekend

29th - 1st October : Women's weekend

5th October : Indoor evening meet

8th October : Coach meet

13th - 15th October : Hut Biking Weekend

30th October : Climbing night

3rd - 5th November : Bunkhouse weekend

9th November : Indoor evening meet

11th November : Coach meet

17th - 19th November : Hut working weekend

24th November : Social evening

27th November : Climbing night

7th December : Indoor evening meet

10th December : Coach meet

14th December : Christmas Social


7th January : Mitch's meet and social

11th January : Indoor evening meet

14th January : Coach meet

19th - 21st January : Scottish weekend

26th - 28th January : Hostel weekend

29th January : Climbing night

8th February : Indoor evening meet

10th February : Coach meet

17th - 24th February : Nev's Scottish Week

26th February : Climbing night

8th March : Indoor evening meet

11th March : Coach meet

16th - 18th March : Away dinner

22nd March : AGM

26th March : Climbing night

5th April : Indoor evening meet

8th April : Coach meet

20th - 22nd April : Scottish weekend

30th April : Climbing night

10th May : Outdoor evening meet

12th May : Coach meet

18th - 20th May : Hut cleaning weekend

25th - 27th May : Family weekend

28th May : Climbing night


Download meet card (PDF, 284KB)

Download this year's meet card, which details the club's events up until the end of May 2018.