The Last Saturday Long Meet of 2016

By John Edwards

Editor's note: I foolishly forgot to include this article in the October WBMC Newsletter - sorry John!

Tempus fugit and so does the speed at which the club changes. An Aber to Ogwen (or vice versa) coach meet was an ever present fixture on the Meet Card for September in the years 19 and the coach would always be a full one, as this was the only chance to cross the largest area above 3,000 feet anywhere south of the Scottish Highlands and ‘bag’ the 2nd & 3rd highest sum... Read full article

Training Novice Club Members Weekend

By Graeme Stanford

Organised by Jane Thompson, Clubs and Partnership rep, from the BMC, the aim of the weekend was to give clubs support with the niceties of introducing novice members to the hills. Answering questions such as “what support and advice is available from the BMC?”, “What do other clubs do?”, and the obvious question “where do I stand legally if leading novices in the UK’s hills?” Not to mention all the ‘soft skills’ of dealing with a group of beginners.

The weekend wa... Read full article

Brecon Beacons

By Dave Jones

The weather forecast for this meet was predicted to be very good, with some south easterly winds in the afternoon. However, on the way down it looked very dark at the “back of bills” and we did have a good shower at one point. Perhaps putting on my shorts was not such a good idea after all.

The West Bromwich crew that normally depart at 07.00am probably had an extra 30 minutes in bed due to not been picked up until 07.20am, so roles were reversed and Penkridge members were picke... Read full article

Wren’s Nest Outdoor Meet

By Dave Jones

The first outdoor evening meet of 2016 took place on Thursday 5th May with a guided walk around Wren’s Nest Dudley. Bob Duncan kindly offered his services and had prepared a route prior to the event taking place.

Over 400 million years ago, the area where Dudley now stands was covered by coral reefs and tropical seas providing an environment for the famous fossils we find there today. Over 700 types of fossil are known to have come from Wren's Nest. 186 of which were first discove... Read full article

What we've been up to

By Dave Jones

I thought it would be good to update members on various activities/events that have occurred since the last newsletter was produced. Not everyone has time to send information in to the newsletter editor (Joe Priest) but if you are doing anything please inform him so we can place something in the newsletter, the newsletter can only be successful based on the information that is received from the members.

Below is a list of activities that club members have been doing:

A big... Read full article

Braithwaite Coach Report

By John Edwards

Saturday 9th April was an excellent day out in the hills thanks to Nick Piotrowski ably deputising for Nigel Tarr as Coach Grippenführer at short notice and our visit coinciding with the first decent weather the area had experienced in a fortnight.

It was blue skies, warmth and sunshine as Rob Thomas was dropped off at Scales to tackle Blencathra via Sharp Edge. He had the Northern Fells to himself (or rather there were no other WBMC passengers on them) as, apart from 3 who got of... Read full article

The Away Dinner

By Richard Cooksey

The Away Dinner weekend has become a regular feature in my walking calendar and each year I’ve joined a group of friends (members and non-members) on the road to Lake Windermere. The weekend suits all tastes, being located close to a variety of challenging and easier walks and excursions, plus a very comfortable hotel - for the second year, Briery Wood Country House. As a guest of the club, I’ve always been made very welcome and the weekend is a great introduction to the club.

A... Read full article