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Climbing technique book

6th Jun 2017

This brand new instructional book is perfect for beginners and improving climbers who want to have guided technique coaching in book form. Designed with climbers and coaches in mind, it not only illustrates the techniques required for efficient climbing, but also details how to evaluate other climbers performance. These sections are invaluable for friends, climbing partners and coaches and are designed to accompany the BMC fundamentals courses and the Mountain Training coaching courses. There are both photos and videos (via QR code links) contained within so climbers can have immediate confirmation of how to accomplish the techniques correctly.

The training plan at the end provides a clear set of exercises to improve each skill from good footwork, balance and straight arms for beginners all the way through to efficient outside edge, pivoting, hooks and dealing with psychological factors for more advanced climbers. Two climbers who trialled part of the training plan improved their grade from 6a to 6c in three months. The full contents page is included in the sample pages which are attached.