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Map boxes

13th Sep 2016

I discovered this company – “From the Workshop” – on Facebook and l ordered myself a map box which holds up to 20 maps.

Here’s the good bit: if any members have a favourite map or area they can laser the map onto the box. I also had my name and WBMC lasered onto my box which l had a map of Glen Coe due to this being one of my favourite locations.

Richard "from the workshop" has also stated that he will give WBMC members a 10% discount, just quote WBMC. If anyone is still unsure how the item may look, contact me and l can show you or e mail photos. I'm very pleased with the item and each one is handmade. I paid £40 which included postage. Also coffee tables are available.

You can find out more about “From the Workshop” at