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Hut Statment

18th Nov 2016

WBMC members, The Committee have received more complaints from members that have recently visited the club hut. It was only in October that I raised the same issues which went into the newsletter, which seems requests are being ignored. Members appear not to be leaving sufficient storage space in the racks downstairs for members/guests to store their equipment on arrival. Members arrive with excitement only to be greeted by a mess created by others.

With immediate effect, bicycles or bicycle parts are not allowed in the hut – new mattresses have been installed in the hut and bicycles and parts have been laid down on mattresses that people have to sleep on. Bicycles should be stored around the back of the hut which is under cover, members can chain their bicycle to the wood cage at the rear (locks are the responsibility of the bicycle owner).

Previously I know that members have stored their bicycles in the shower block, but again this is not very hygienic for members that have to use facilities.

The committee appreciate that bicycles are very expensive, but facilities are available to keep them secure and dry.

Four club members worked tremendously hard some weeks ago to clean the club hut for your convenience. If such incidents keep occurring, members responsible will have to be brought before the committee. The committee are working very hard to improve these facilities for its members and potential future members.

I hope everyone understands this statement, I will not be writing this into the newsletter again.

Thank you.