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Please support your Club

26th Jan 2022

Dear Members,

Thanks for your support over the last twelve months and, hopefully, the twelve months ahead of us.

As members of WBMC you will appreciate that there are many exciting and fun activities which are organised for you. This includes the monthly coach meets to various mountainous areas. Over the last year, however, there has been a decrease in members & guests attending the meets and as a result these have created a considerable financial loss to the club.

To continue the coach programme at its current monthly rate, we need to increase the number of seats filled to make it viable or take reluctant alternative action. As a committee we have and will continue to reduce this deficit by various means, but this could still result in a shortfall. The shortfall may need to be addressed by using WBMC funds.

As from March the coach fee will be increased by £1 to £23 for members and by £2 for non-members to £26 (due to coach company price increase). Still cheap for what we get! To make the coach financially viable, why not book yourself and possibly a friend on the coach and enjoy a great day out with like-minded members in the beautiful mountains which we all enjoy. By the way, a led walk will be provided for most meets to use if required.

Hopefully see you on the coach

Geordie Hind
Vice chairman