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WBMC Winter Skills Refresher

30th Jan 2022

Hi All,

For those who are heading to Fort William for Nev’s week and for those who intend heading to the mountains in winter conditions, there will be a talk at the Red Lion at West Bromwich B71 1RH on Monday 7th February at 8pm. Ask for the 'party room' (not really a party or even cheese and wine).

The main topics to be covered are:

  • Selection and organisation of personal kit appropriate to winter hill walking
  • Use of crampons in ascent/descent
  • Personal movement skills on snow, including kicking steps and using the ice axe for walking, self-belay, cutting steps, and self-arrest
  • Emergency procedures
  • Avalanche awareness and safe route choice
  • Core techniques of winter navigation.

If you are interested please contact Geordie Hind or Chris Dean